About Us

Mermaid Vodka is a premium Vodka brand headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. This ambitious undertaking was born from Founder and CEO, Carol Strickland. Her childhood memories of fishing with her father, always looking over the sides of the boat to see if just once, a truly magical Mermaid would appear. She was determined that she could make a Vodka better than anything currently on the market. So she took her love of the sea, fishing, great Vodka and sought out on her quest. With that, Mermaid Vodka was born! Distilled a total of 48 times, Charcoal filtered 10 times for that added smoothness and the best part? It’s Gluten free!

Carol’s plan is to ensure that everyone is able to grab a bottle of Mermaid Vodka! From those sitting by the bay, with family and friends, to those spirited fisherman on the high seas. With that, Mermaid Vodka is currently distributed throughout the entire state of Florida. Bigger plans include spreading the Mermaid Vodka love to the entire U.S.A.

All along the journey to grow her Mermaid Vodka, Carol’s philanthropic efforts have taken center stage as she has supported several charitable events and organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Wounded Warrior Project, 1000 Mermaids (environmental conservation), and SIDES (Sydney’s Incredible Defeat of Ewing’s Sarcoma).

In an effort to spread the word at a fevered pace, Mermaid Vodka, penned a 2 year National Sponsorship with the Fish Mavericks for their show, set to debut on July 8th at 7am on the Discovery Channel. The show follows a jovial group of friends who have a love for professional fishing, laughing and good times, a perfect fit for Mermaid Vodka! With the Mermaid Vodka logo proudly displayed on the hull of their boats, trucks and SUV’s this added visibility, on a National scale, will not only position Mermaid Vodka to the masses, but bring forth the smoothest, Gluten free, Made in America Vodka, anyone has ever tasted!